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The POLISH VETERAN CHAMPION title is granted to a male/female dog graded the Tiitle  Veteran by three different judges. At least one excellent qualification must be awarded at International or Club Show, without specific time period required.

This title is granted on the basis of qualifications awarded at dog shows held after 1st January, 2015.

The Polish Veteran Champion is issued by the Main Board of  Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) upon written owner’s requestApplications for issuing a diploma are verified on the basis of show report, which should be submitted by the dog show organiser within 30 days after the show. 

The Main Board Office shall issue the diploma and send the original document by post and the copy by e-mail.


Since 1st January 2015 the fee for issuing diplomas of Polish Veteran Champion titles for foreign exhibitors is 30 EUR.

The fee should be paid into the account of ZKwP Main Board:
Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce
IBAN: PL93 1240 6768 1978 0010 9717 6968
Bank name: PEKAO S.A.

The transfer title should include the pedigree number. A copy of the payment receipt should be attached to the application form, otherwise the application will not be considered

ON-LINE Application for issuing the Polish Veteran Champion diploma