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The title Grand Champion of Poland is issued by the Head Office of ZKwP.

The title can be awarded to dogs and bitches, who meet the following conditions:

- have an approved Polish Champion title,

- obtained three CWC certificates in the champion class, obtained from 01.02.2018 at international dog shows or champion shows organized in Poland, from three judges, however, no time interval between certificates is required.

NOTICE! The organizer of the dog show has 30 days from the date of the dog show, to send a dog show report to the Head Office, on the basis of which, the applications for the title of Grand Champion are verified.

The Head Office issues a diploma within 30 days from the receipt of the report from the organizers and sends the document only in paper form to the correspondence address indicated in the application.

The fee for granting the title of Grand Champion of Poland is 30 EUR.

The application must be accompanied by a confirmation of payment. Applications without payment will not be considered. The charge must be paid to the account of the Head Office:

IBAN: PL93 1240 6768 1978 0010 9717 6968
Bank name: Bank PEKAO S.A.

Fill out the ON-LINE Application for the Grand Champion of Poland diploma.