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1. Only the breeder can apply for issuing the export pedigree for a foreign owner 
    (not being a member of ZKwP).

2. The breeder should submit the original birth certificate (Metryka) in his/her ZKwP Branch.

3. The ZKwP Main Board Office issues the export pedigree on the basis of the birth   certificate 

4. The issued export pedigree is sent to the breeder's ZKwP Branch.

5. The breeder is responsible for receiving and immediate forwarding the pedigree to the dog's owner.

6. The pedigree is issued within 17 working days from receiving the birth certificate by the ZKwP 
    Main Board Office.

7.  In case of not receiving the export pedigree please contact the breeder.

The waiting period for documents may be changed for reasons beyond the ZKwP Main Board Office.